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The Gospel of Mary
of Magdala
Jesus and the First Woman Apostle
Karen L. King

Lost for more than fifteen hundred years, the Gospel of Mary is the only existing early Christian gospel written in the name of a woman. Karen L. King tells the story of the recovery of this remarkable text and offers a new translation. This brief gospel rejects Jesus' suffering and death as a path to eternal life and exposes the view that Mary Magdalene was a prostitute for what it is—a piece of theological fiction. The Gospel of Mary of Magdala offers a fascinating glimpse into the conflicts and controversies that shaped earliest Christianity. Includes complete photos of the Berlin Codex, Papyrus Oxyrhynchus 3525, and the Rylands Papyrus.

Karen L. King is Winn Professor of Ecclesiastical History at Harvard University in the Divinity School and a scholar of women and heresy in early Christianity, including Gnosticism. Listed by ReligionsWriters.com as a national source for background on The Da Vinci Code, in 2005 she appeared on the NBC's Dateline with Stone Phillips exploring the claims of the novel about Jesus and Mary of Magdala.

Nearly 60,000 copies sold

"This is a rich, rewarding, and eyeopening review of how the only gospel written in the name of a woman can reveal the depth and diversity of the early Christian community. Strongly recommended . . ." —Library Journal

"Karen King's Gospel of Mary of Magdala is a book that many readers are waiting for — a complete translation of the Gospel of Mary together with a lucidly written, marvelously informative discussion of where it comes from and what it means." —Elaine Pagels, Princeton University

" The Gospel of Mary of Magdala offers a fascinating glimpse into the conflicts and controveries that shaped earliest Christianity." — SirReadaLot.org, August 2005

"For the general reader, it is the best resource out there."— Journal of Religion, July 2005

"The Gospel Of Mary Of Magdala is a seminal and strongly recommended addition to academic library collections and critically important reading for students of the earliest centuries of the Christian movement, as well as non-specialist general readers with an interest in Christian gnosticism." —Midwest Book Review, 02/04/05

Best faith books of 2003 ". . . accessible and fascinating . . . This book will have special appeal to those interested in history and whose devotion to the New Testament has them searching for a deeper understanding of the origins of Christian scripture." — St. Louis Post Dispatch, 12/06/03

". . . an important step by a renowned scholar in the continuing . . . process of opening up the infinite varieties of Christianity to those who struggle with faith." Dinitia Smith, New York Times, 10/25/03

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